Real Life Somerville Police Stories



Bauer Arrest

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to marked unit West-7. At approximately 6:10PM, Officer Manfra and I were in Statue Park (Davis Square). We witnessed Mr.
Charles Bauer stumble halfway through the park and suddenly stop in front of Davis Square. Mr. Bauer pulled his pants down slightly, exposed his penis and urinated all over the ground. He did this within feet of a busy ice cream parlor, a real estate agency, an MBTA station, a convenient store and a movie theater. Additionally there were approximately fifty to seventy five people sitting in the park and many of them were young children. I saw several people walk by and look at Mr. Bauer in horror.

When Officer Manfra and I approached Mr. Bauer, he had a small open bottle of Ruble Vodka (tagged into evidence) hanging out of his pocket. I confiscated the bottle and placed Mr. Bauer under arrest for Indecent Exposure and a violation of city ordinance for possessing the open container.

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