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Picard Arrest

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014, I was on duty and assigned to marked unit West-7. At approximately 7:40PM, Officer Manfra, Captain Carrabino and I responded to the Davis Square on a reported Robbery. Dispatch stated that they were receiving 911 calls from witnesses who saw a male punch
another male in the face and then forcefully pull a bag away from a female. This incident allegedly happened near the Somerville Movie Theater and the suspect fled on Dover Street towards Cambridge. The description given to the responding units was a white male, approximately 5’6″, wearing a brown shirt with a green t-shirt underneath and tan shorts.

When we arrived on scene, Captain Carrabino and I were directed by several citizens who claimed to have seen the suspect fleeing through backyards and down side streets. One of the citizens said that the male in question was carrying a red backpack. We were able to locate a male fitting the description dispatch had provided. We stopped the man in front of Grove Street and were able to identify him as Mr. Stephen Picard. Mr. Picard was wearing a green shirt and tan shorts. He was also carrying a red backpack. Mr. Picard appeared very nervous and made statements about his involvement in criminal activity. At one point he specifically said “if I get locked up, I’ll be right back out here doing what I do”. He also stated that he was a “career criminal”. These incriminating statements were made to Lt. Hyde, Sgt. Chaille and I.

Shortly after we stopped Mr. Picard a witness arrived at our location. She said that several of the items Mr. Picard had in his bag belonged to her. Many of the items inside of his bag were female apparel. Captain Carrabino spoke with her and she told him that she had in fact been the victim of the robbery.

After confirming with the victim, we conducted a show-up identification of Mr. Picard. Officer Manfra was able to locate the reporting party of the incident. She had given all of the original details to dispatch.

Officer Manfra provided her with the Somerville Police Department’s standard “show-up identification form” and explained it to her. She said that she understood the form and signed it. Officer Manfra then drove her to our location where I had position Mr. Picard approximately three feet from the curb. Officer Manfra and the witness drove by Mr. Picard and passed him on the left. After seeing Mr. Picard, the witness told Officer Manfra that she was 100% certain that Mr. Picard was the male who committed the robbery.

I spoke with the victim again. She told me that Mr. Picard was her boyfriend and that the incident began in the Porter Square area. According to her, Mr. Picard had sliced her bag open with a sharp object. She then left him and went to Davis Square where she met her friend. He then allegedly pulled the victim’s bag from her shoulder and ran away with it.

After hearing all of the involved parties accounts of the incident and examining the evidence, I placed Mr. Picard under arrest for unarmed robbery and assault and battery.

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