Now comes word that Iraq matters after all By Neil W. McCabe

President Barack Obama seemingly was content to watch the extinction of the Iraqi people in a swirl of beheadings, machinegun executions and flames. But, someone tapped him
on the shoulder and told him it was time to do something.
Methinks that someone was Iran.
What motivates the president is always a profound mystery. But, this time it must be that Iran is concerned enough to direct Obama to take action.
It was then-candidate for president Hillary R. Clinton, who warned us about Obama and Iran. Then, in 2008, Clinton told us that Obama was naive and dangerous when he promised to patch things up with Iran. Silly woman. Obama is not naïve.
OK, let us review things Iran worried about in 2008: Mubarak in Egypt, Kaddafi in Libya, a flourished and secure Israel, a flourishing pro-American Iraq and a flourishing pro-American Afghanistan.
How are things looking for Iran now? I would say pretty good.
You may or may not know that a good chunk of the anti-Iraqi forces fighting American and Iraqi soldiers were recruited from the eastern tribes of Libya. In 2009 to 2010, as Iraq stabilized into a peaceful, functioning democracy, those fighters migrated back to eastern Libya. Back home, these fighters were no longer cowered by the Kaddafi regime and started stirring up trouble.
Now this defies credulity, but by golly Wally, it happened: As the Libya government sought to restore control of its eastern provinces, and cities like #Benghazi, from the grips of the former insurgents from Iraq, Obama stepped in and waged war like we never thought he could. Obama beefed up the eastern tribesmen and destroyed the Kaddafi government with a combination of special operations personnel and air strikes.
There was talk that late U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was working out a way to transfer leftover stockpiles of Kaddafi-era war materiel to Syrian rebels. Even if it were true, Stevens mission in Libya ended in flames as the president took an early night—abandoning the drone-fed video to his aides.
By Sept. 12, 2012 there was no doubt that Iran’s problems in Libya were over.
The Iranian-supported Muslim Brotherhood getting tossed from power in Egypt was a tough setback. In fact, Obama was so upset that the MB was overthrown that he inflicted sanctions and withheld military assistance. The same MB that burned Christian churches, arrested and tortured Christians and their clergy. That’s who Obama tried to keep in office.
The loss in Egypt for the Obama-Iran axis is balanced by the surprise comeback of Bashir Assad. Three years ago, Assad’s Syrian regime looked like a sure goner. Sure, you remember? It was Arab Spring.
Assad’s future was so bad that Vanity Fair pulled down its puff piece on Syria’s First Family, which included funny quotes from pals Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt about how Brad Pitt wished he had security as good as Assad’s. #hehe
To the delight of the mullahs in Teheran, Obama was able to slow-walk the rush to support Syrian rebels. Then, in a masterstroke, Obama pulled all American troops out of Iraq, Syria’s neighbor West and Iran’s neighbor to the East.
Once the American military was yanked from Iraq, the Iranians were free to resupply their client Assad both by land and by the newly opened airspace. It is now fair to say that Assad will be in power in Syria long after Obama retires to his new California mansion.
But, what about Iraq? Up until now, Obama’s policy in Iraq has been “Demolition by Neglect.” Why the change? Well, it must be that the Islamic State of Iraq army that Obama ridiculed as the Al Qaeda “J-V” and unworthy of his attention is getting to big for Iran’s comfort.
The capture of Fallujah or the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis did not seem to be enough to get the president’s attention. Nor, did he blink away any tears for the 700 military cadets captured and executed after ISIS captured the legendary American installation Camp Balad.
We have seen from his championing the Muslim Brotherhood that the destruction of Christians is not a problem for this administration, so again, we are left with a threat to Iran.
But, then again, we may never really know. If there is one thing the Obama administration can be counted on—other than lining up with Iranian interests—it is losing emails, documents and hard drives.

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