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Murphy & White Arrest

On 5 August, 2014 at approximately 4:18 p.m. I was dispatched to Pearl Street for unknown trouble. Car E4, Officer Christopher Collette, was also dispatched. When we arrived we were directed to the second floor hallway. In the hallway outside apartment we
located Harry White and Celia Murphy. Both White and Murphy are defendants as well as victims in this case. On the floor in front of White and Murphy was a pair of broken sunglasses and a length of human hair.

When I interviewed White he stated that he and Murphy became involved in an argument inside apartment. While in the apartment Murphy spit in White’s face, punched him about the head and body. White gathered his belongings and left the apartment. Murphy followed White to the hallway and once there she took his sunglasses from his head and smashed them on the floor. Murphy then grabbed White by his dreadlock and tore the length from his head. This dreadlock, which is approximately sixteen inches in length and one inch in diameter, is White’s hair and not an extension. White also admitted to pushing Murphy, in the chest, so he could leave the apartment after she punched him. Except for the missing hair, White did not complain of any injuries.

When I interviewed Murphy she stated that the two were involved in an argument inside apartment. During the argument White knocked the television to the floor, threw items around the apartment, then left the apartment. Murphy stated that she followed him outside where the confrontation continued. Murphy stated that White slapped her in the left side of her cheek. Shortly after she changed her statement to White held her against the wall and punched her in the left side of the face. Approximately five minutes later, Murphy again changed her statement to White Knocked her to the floor, straddled her, and punched her in the left side of the face multiple times. Murphy admitted to spitting in White’s face and striking him one time. During this interview Murphy continued to rub the left side of her face. Murphy did not complain of any injuries but the left side of her face (where she was rubbing) was red. I observed the inside of apartment and noticed that the television was still on the cabinet/stand. It was also difficult to determine if items were thrown about the apartment of if that’s where they were before altercation.

Both Murphy and White were placed under arrest. They were transported to the police station.

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