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Pieere Arrest

Members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation of the residences located at Somerville Avenue, Somerville. These residences are frequented by known violators of the narcotics laws.

On 8/6/14, surveillance/observation was made of the aforementioned heroin/cocaine users gathering in front of their residences at Somerville Ave., Somerville. During that time I observed them pacing and looking around as if waiting for someone. Those occupants then entered the residences. Within a few minutes one of the occupants returned to the sidewalk, looked around and entered the residence again.

Shortly thereafter I observed a green Pontiac Bonneville (bearing Mass arrive at the intersection of Belmont St. and Somerville Ave. The residences of Somerville Ave. are at that intersection. At that time I observed Defendant Sidney Pierre exit the vehicle from the passenger’s side and enter the dwelling at Somerville Ave. through a rear door. I would like to note that Sidney Pierre is known to members of the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit due to his historical reputation for past violation of Massachusetts’ narcotics laws.

Defendant Pierre emerged from the same door within a few minutes and returned to the green Bonneville. Based on my training and experience this is a common method of operation used by distributors of illegal narcotics. The vehicle then left the scene and proceeded West on Somerville Ave. then continued onto Elm St.

Surveillance by the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit (Detectives J. Hyde, A. Collazo, and I) was maintained of the green Bonneville. During the course of that surveillance, defendant Pierre was observed bent over very low in the passenger’s seat of the vehicle as if trying to hide something and keep his activities hidden. (It is known by members of the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit, that defendant Pierre prefers to hide narcotics in his groin area.) This behavior went on for a few minutes as the Bonneville made its way through the city. During the course of this route, the Bonneville drove past three public parks; Kenney Park on Grove St., Trum Field on Broadway and Foss Park on Broadway. The vehicle was ultimately stopped in front of the Hess Gas Station on McGrath Hwy. by Officer F. Cicerone.

During the stop of the motor vehicle we had a conversation with Defendant Pierre. During that conversation he appeared extremely nervous. At that time I observed Defendant Pierre in possession of two cell phones, one pink and one black, lying on his lap. Detective Hyde asked him if he possessed any weapons or any items he should be concerned with. Defendant Pierre said he did not. Detective Hyde then asked him if objected to us checking. Defendant Pierre then voluntarily exited the vehicle. At that time I observed a knife in plain view on the seat he had just been occupying. I made Detective Hyde aware of the knife and he subsequently secured it.

A search was then conducted of Defendant Pierre’s person by Detective Hyde. During the course of that search Detective Hyde felt an object that he believed to be consistent with packaging of controlled substances in an area the defendant is known to hide narcotics. That search yielded what is believed to be seven individual bags of heroin and five individual bags of cocaine. Defendant Pierre then was placed in handcuffs. Defendant Pierre was then given Miranda by Detective Hyde. His post Miranda statements were that he came from Chelsea and went straight to his bank in Davis Sq., Somerville without making any stops. When questioned regarding the money he possessed, he was evasive about the total but that $920 was for his rent. I would like to note that during the booking process at the Somerville Police, Defendant Pierre stated that he was homeless and provided no place of residency at booking.

After Defendant Pierre was placed in handcuffs I focused my attention to Defendant Exume. I asked Defendant Exume to exit the motor vehicle and gave him his Miranda warnings. I asked Defendant Exume if he understood his Miranda warnings and he stated that he did. Defendant Exume then was asked about his route of travel and he indicated that he had come from Davis Sq., Somerville and prior to that he had come from Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge. Upon my further prodding he changed his story and stated he had been sleeping at a residence on Somerville Ave., Somerville and then from there, drove straight to Davis Sq., then ultimately to where we had stopped him. These deceptive answers were in contrast to my observation of the incidents as they unfolded. Further, Defendant Exume’s deception indicated to me that he had prior knowledge of the illegal activities of co-defendant Pierre and was taking steps to conceal his activities.

Both defendants were subsequently placed under arrest for the charges above and were transported to the Somerville police station via unit 200.

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