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Teixeira Arrest

On Monday, July 28, 2014, I was working in marked unit East-1. At approximately 4:45 I responded to The Home Depot located at 75 Mystic
Avenue for a reported shoplifter. Marked units East-3, Officer Legros, East-4, Officer DeOliveira, and West-5, Officer Van Nostrand were currently at Home Depot dealing with another incident. Loss prevention employee, noticed a male leaving the Home Depot without paying for an item and attempt to get into a motor vehicle. As the male, later identified as Mr. Nelson Teixiera, noticed the three officers he attempted to leave the area. The witness identified Mr. Teixiera as the same male who had previously stolen several items on at least two separate dates and informed Officer Van Nostrand that he had just left the store without paying for the router he had. As Officer Van Nostrand radioed that he would be at the store with a shoplifter I responded.

As I arrived I found that Mr. Teixiera had stolen a Ridgid router costing 179.00. The witness along with loss prevention employee, informed me that Mr. Teixiera had came into the store on two separate occasions prior to this incident. Each time, Mr. Teixiera stole a Milwaukee rotary hammer, and Milwaukee 15 pound SDS Max Demo Hammer. On July 18, 2014, and July, 11, 2014, the witness has Mr. Teixiera coming into the store, getting the two products, and leaving the store without paying for the item. The employee stated that Mr. Teixiera was wearing the same shirt he was wearing today when he stole the items. Each day that Mr. Teixiera stole the items the total was 1,248.00. The witness advised me that the Quincy Police have an ongoing investigation with Mr. Teixiera and believed they had issued a warrant for him as well. Mr. Teixiera had been stealing items from multiple Home Depot stores in and around the Somerville area.

Mr. Teixiera was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters.

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