Real Life Somerville Police Stories Freeman Arrest

Freeman Arrest

On the above time and date while assigned to marked unit East 3, I along with several units responded to Summer Street & Vinal Ave, Which are public ways in the city of Somerville for the report of a MV accident. Upon arrival, I observed a Chevy Pickup truck that Crashed into two parked motor Vehicles, along with a Fire Alarm box, which was taken down along with two bicycles’ that were chained to a pole in front of six Summer Street. The Subaru which was parked legally in front of 6 Summer Street was pushed into the front fence of 6 Summer Street, with heavy drivers side Damage, And the Honda which was also parked legally sustained heavy rear end damage. The Chevy pickup truck who crashed into the Subaru also Crashed into the front stairs of 6 Summer Street Causing damage to the front fence and front stairs of the residence.

We then checked to see if any one was injured. Sgt. Campbell then Checked the Chevy Pickup Truck to see if anyone was inside. Sgt. Campbell then opened the door to the vehicle as he opened the door he could smell the odor of freshly burned marijuana. Sgt. Campbell then located two males later identified as Ronald Freeman and a Mr. Harris who was standing nearby. Ronald then advised Sgt Campbell that he was operating the Chevy Pickup Truck and that Harris was his passenger, and that he lost his breaks when he was traveling down that road, which he then pointed to Vinal Ave. Mr. Freeman stated that he could not Stop and that was why he crashed into the parked motor vehicles.

East 1, Officer Messaoudi then Pulled Mr. Freeman a side, So that he could perform some field sobriety tests, which he agreed to do. The area where the tests were performed was a paved level surface free from defects and It was lit by overhead street lights.

The first test that Officer Messaoudi administered was a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. The first step of this test is to check the lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes. (This is a test to check involuntarily jerking of both eyes while moving a pen side to side). Mr. Freeman was asked to follow the tip of the pen with his eyes only and not move his head. Mr. Freeman was asked if he understood He stated yes. Officer Messaoudi observed the lack of smooth pursuit. Mr.Freeman failed this part of the test.

The second test that Officer Messaoudi administered was the walk and turn. Ronald then began the test but he didn’t count out loud until the forth step, He then took a total of thirteen steps, Raising his arms several times to balance himself before turning around then taking nine steps back. Mr. Freeman failed this test.

The third test that was administered was a one leg stand. Mr. Freeman was then instructed by Officer Messaoudi raising one leg in a stiff manner, holding his foot about six inches off the ground with his toe pointed forward and arms on his sides counting out loud 1001, 1002, 1003. Mr. Freeman was then asked If he under stood the instructions to the test. which he stated yes. Mr. Freeman Passed this test.

As I was observing Mr. Freeman finish his last sobriety test, I had a brief conversation with him as Officer Messaoudi was standing by. I asked Mr. Freeman if he had consumed any alcohol beverages tonight, which he stated to me “yes I had like two or three beers and I smoked some weed around 9:00 P.M. at my girls house”, As I spoke to him I could detect a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and strong odor of burnt Marijuana coming from his person and that his eyes, who he seemed to have trouble keeping open were blood shot. At this point, I placed Mr. Freeman under arrest for the charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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