Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Juvenile Arrest

On 25 July, 2014 at approximately 9:02 pm I was dispatched to Jacques Street for a breaking and entering in progress. Car K5, Officer Michael Wyatt, was also
dispatched. The dispatcher advised us that a person was breaking into the residence. When I arrived I was flagged down outside the residence at near the intersection of Jacques Street and Wheatland Street. I was directed to Wheatland Street where the victim was standing with a young Hispanic male (because of his age, he will from this point on be referred to as “Juvenile”. The victim told me that Juvenile broke into his house. I handcuffed Juvenile and instructed him to sit on the sidewalk. Juvenile appeared to be intoxicated and I could smell an odor consistent with alcohol coming from his breath. Officer James Slattery arrived as well as Officer Wyatt just after.

The victim told me that he was in his house at Jacques Street, and an alarm sounded. The alarm startled him and he was afraid that someone unknown to him had entered his home. This alarm was recently programmed to sound whenever the rear door of the first floor is opened. He went to this area and observed Juvenile fleeing the inside of the house. He then watched Juvenile climb the outside stairs to the second floor and attempt to gain access through that door. When Juvenile saw him, he attempted to flee. He told me that the rear first floor door was closed but unlocked.

Juvenile is known to me. Juvenile was placed under arrest and transported to the Police Station. Juvenile was charged with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime Placing Person in Fear.

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