Real Life Somerville Police Stories Man vs Tree


Ip Arrest

At approximately 1654 on July 24, 2014 I Officer Salvatore Fusco was assigned to the East 1 marked Patrol car and was dispatched to Perkins St. along
with Officer C. Collette in the East 4 Patrol Car for a report of a man tearing the branches off a newly planted tree. Upon my arrival I observed an Asian male wearing a white tank top t-shirt and light tan pants throwing branches on to the sidewalk approximately 20 feet from the tree. After exiting my vehicle I observed a male who said that he called and pointed to the male and said that he was the one who destroyed the tree.

I then approached the man later Identified as Siu Fai Ip as Officer Collette arrived. I asked Siu Fai Ip if I could speak to him and told him that I was there because someone called and said that he tore the branches off the tree. He replied to me that he did not want a tree in front of house because it will cause water to get into his basement. When I told him that he cannot destroy the tree because he does not want it he pointed to the ground where the tree cut out is and said no tree.

After briefly speaking to Siu Fai Ip I told him that I wanted to summons him into court for destroying the tree and told him that he cannot harm the tree any longer he replied ” I cut it down”. After hearing this comment I decided at that time to place him under arrest and advised him of such at which time complied with my placing him under arrest.

After Siu Fai Ip was placed being transported I spoke to the witness who said that he observed the Siu Fai Ip destroy the tree. He said that he observed him jumping up and pulling on the branches until he was able to break them off of the trunk.

The tree that Siu Fai Ip destroyed was planted on the morning of July 24, 2014 and has a value of 800.00 as provided by the City Of Somerville Dpw.

Attached are two photos taken by me of the tree and one by the witness showing the defendant pulling on the branches.

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