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Crockett Dolimpo Carpinito Lockett Arrests

On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville Police PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in an undercover capacity, operating an
unmarked Police M/V, I assisted in an active, street level, narcotics investigation, focusing on the illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances. The focal point of this investigation centered on 3 males and 1 female. The males/female were later to be identified as the following defendants: Jason Crockett, John Carpinito Jr, Edward Lockett, – and Samantha Dolimpio. I assisted Det. J. Hyde, Det. Collazo, and Det. Sgt. Monte. My specific assignment relative to this investigation was to maintain surveillance of the area, assist in the custody and control of any and all suspect(s), collect/seize, photograph, and catalog all contraband/evidence that was confiscated/seized.

Det. Hyde first observed the defendants sitting in a 1994, yellow, Toyota Camry which is owned by Crockett. The operator of the M/V was defendant Jason Crockett. Situated in the M/V were the following: defendant Carpinito was seated in the front passenger side seat, defendant Dolimpio was seated in the rear passenger seat behind the operator, and defendant Lockett was seated in the rear passenger behind the front passenger. Defendant Crockett and Dolimpio were first observed walking through the parking lot while Crockett was using his cell phone. They would walk back and forth several times as he was conversing on his cell phone. They returned back to the Toyota that was parked near the Mystic Ave end of the parking lot opposite the main front doors. Neither of the defendants made any attempt at all to enter into the Home Depot store at this point. All 4 defendants were now situated in the Toyota. Defendants Crockett and Dolimpio exited the Toyota once again and she began to scan the parking lot. Dolimpio appeared to be attempting to gain the attention of a M/V that was being operated by another individual, that had just entered near the vicinity of their M/V. She frantically waved to gain this person’s attention. This person was identified as Ms. Santos.

Ms. Santos arrived on scene and parked directly to the left of the Crockett’s M/V. All four individuals exited the Toyota Camry and greeted Ms. Santos. After the initial greetings and salutations, defendant Crockett opened the trunk and all four individuals began to fill a Home Depot carriage with merchandise taken from the trunk. Mr. Carpinito appeared to take a leading role in this endeavor. Ms. Santos entered into Home Depot and immediately went to the Return Desk. Det. Collazo followed Ms. Santos and observed the merchandise return. As Ms. Santos was about to exit the store, defendant Crockett became anxious and exited the M/V and started toward walk to the front door. Defendants Dolimpio, Lockett, and Carpinito also exited the Toyota and approached Ms. Santos. After this interaction, all five parties reversed their direction and headed back to their respective M/V’s. At this time, the surveillance unit performed a threshold inquiry of the five individuals.

I went directly to defendant Lockett, who was seated in the rear passenger seat, while the other members of the unit interacted with the other defendants. Defendant Lockett had a cell phone in his right hand and a Mass ID in his left hand. I instructed the defendant to step out of the M/V, which he did, and I performed a quick pat down of the defendant. I took the defendant’s Mass ID, listed to Lockett, Edward, and had an ID/Lic. check performed through the RMV. After performing several checks on the ID, it was learned through the RMV, that the defendant’s ID # was in fact, defendant had altered the 1st, 2nd, and 5th numbers of his Mass ID. At this point, I placed the defendant in handcuffs and advised him that he was under arrest for possessing an altered Mass ID/Lic.

While conducting the threshold inquiry, all parties were advised of their Miranda Warnings by Det. J. Hyde except defendant Carpinito (Sgt. Monte), Ms. Santos (Det. Collazo), and defendant Lockett. Post Miranda Warnings, defendant Crockett admitted to Det. J. Hyde, that the merchandise, just returned by Ms. Santos, was in fact, just stolen from the Home Depot store located on Rte. #1. The sum total of this merchandise was valued at $662.97. Defendant Crockett admitted that all parties in his M/V, including himself, were Heroin dependent individuals. He stated that the monies realized from the return of the stolen merchandise would be benefit all four parties in the purchase of heroin. Post Miranda Warnings, defendants Crockett, Carpinito, and Dolimpio all freely admitted to (Det. Hyde) substance abuse issues with heroin. Defendant Lockett adamantly refused to admit to such issues. Defendant Crockett admitted that he was in possession of more stolen merchandise that was currently located in the trunk of the Toyota. This merchandise was also stolen from the Danvers Home Depot store. He admitted that defendant Carpinito and himself were responsible for the stolen merchandise located in the trunk due to their presence and asportation of the property from the Danvers store. The sum total of this stolen merchandise was $499.64.

At some point in this investigation, I asked the Home Depot supervisor if we could speak with their Loss Prevention personnel. He arrived and scene and I had a lengthy conversation with him regarding the actions of the involved defendants in various Home Depot stores. He was quite familiar with defendants Carpinito and Dolimpio through prior incidents of shoplifting in other stores. He was very familiar with defendant Crockett’s Toyota, due in part, that this M/V was involved in several larcenies from various Home Depot stores. He informed me that both defendants had been trespassed out of Home Depot stores for a period of 1 year. After further investigation, he, along with Det. Collazo and I, observed a video of defendants Crockett and Carpinito shoplifting the merchandise, which was stolen from the Danvers store on this date, that was located in the trunk of the Toyota ($499.64). He will provide me with a CD of that shoplifting incident.

All four defendants were placed under arrest for the above charges.

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