Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Szklarz Arrest

While in uniform and operating a police bicycle, I was stationed alongside the Charter School on Webster Avenue. I
observed a bicyclist, later identified as Matthew Szklarz, ride through his bicycle through a red light at the corner of Washington Street and Webster Avenue. This is an area where many children cross the street.

As Mr. Szklarz rode toward me, I stepped into the roadway and signaled him to stop: he did not. I was forced to place my body in front of his bicycle. He was immediately hostile and uncooperative. I asked him for identification, and he told me that he didn’t have any, so I asked him to step onto the sidewalk where I began to fill out a citation. When I asked him his name, he told me that he didn’t have to give it to me. When I told him that if he did not identify himself, I would arrest him, he responded, “You can’t do that.” When I told him that I could, and would, he crossed his arms and refused to respond to me. One last time, I asked him for his information, and he stood mute. I instructed him that he was under arrest, and called for assistance. When Car 3, operated by Officer Pasqualino, arrived, I handcuffed Mr. Szklarz.

His bicycle was transported to the station, and Mr. Szklarz, who had identification, was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Vivolo.

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