Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Mastouri Arrest

On July 22, 2014, I, Officer Michael Capasso was on duty for the Somerville Police in marked cruiser 664. At approximately 16:10 hours, Somerville
Control dispatched several Officers to Broadway (across from Sunoco Gas Station) for a report of a stabbing. Officer Chris Ward located the victim, in front of his residence at Fellsway West. As I arrived on scene, I assisted Officer Ward in locating the stab wound. Officer’s observed a small laceration (approximately 1/2 inch) to the right upper rear leg of the victim. Once the victim calmed down, and with the assistance of his roommate, Officer’s learned that he got into a fight in his bedroom at Fellsway West, with Mr. Ayoub Mastouri. At some point during the fight, Mr. Mastouri grabbed a hold of a black knife, stabbed the victim in the leg, and exited the residence.

The victim and his roommate stated that Mr. Mastouri lives on Broadway in Everett, but were unsure of the house number. Neither party was positive on the correct spelling of Mastouri’s last name, however, after the victim signed a consent to search form, Officer’s Soares and McCarey located a Massachusetts Trial Court belonging to Mr. Mastouri. I photographed this document in its original location and seized it as evidence. The knife used in the assault, which the victim described to Sgt. Isidoro as a steak knife with a black handle, was located on top of a small refrigerator inside the bedroom. The knife was photographed and seized as evidence.

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