Joseph Curtatone Officially Endorses Steve Grossman to be the Next Governor of the Commonwealth

Somerville Mayor Curtatone said “Somerville goes back decades with Steve Grossman. He’s been a leader in our local business community,
someone who has always made civic responsibility central to how he does business. Long before there was the Grossman Marketing Group, there was the Massachusetts Envelope Company. Steve Grossman knows old school business and new school business, and all along the way Steve and his family have treated the people who work for them with respect and dignity. Business may change, but Steve Grossman has never lost sight of the ethics and humanity that form the core of who he is.”

“As State Treasurer, Steve Grossman has made a huge difference in our communities. Here in Somerville, we lost the East Somerville Community School to a fire in 2007. It tore a hole in that neighborhood and scattered East Somerville students around the rest of city. As much as everyone at the local level was committed to rebuilding the school, it never would have happened if we didn’t have a partner at the state level committed to delivering the funding for the construction. That partner was Steve Grossman. Everyone talks a good game about education, but Steve Grossman put money where his mouth is. As Treasurer he’s made sure we’re building the schools we need to educate our children for life in the 21st century.

He’s also been a champion of small business, launching the Small Business Banking Partnership, which has provided more than $1 billion to emerging Massachusetts businesses. He understands that small business really is the engine that can drive our economy forward. And more than just understanding it, as Treasurer he got government involved in a positive way to bolster our small business community.

Steve Grossman is an accomplished, steady leader who knows to deliver results. He’s been a success in the private sector and in the public sector. He’s got experience and real world results that no one else in this race can match. The state convention got it right when it picked Steve Grossman. That was the first time a large group of people took a long, hard look at the candidates and, when you do that, Steve Grossman stands out as the clear choice. Massachusetts needs the kind of proven leadership Steve Grossman has spent a lifetime delivering.”

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