Environmentalists Weigh In: Wynn Proposal a Positive: Wynn is the best choice for Massachusetts. A Wynn in Everett is a Wynn For All!


Environmentalists Weigh In: Wynn Proposal a Positive

The Choice is Clear.
Government officials, environmental agencies and organizations from the Boston region have reviewed and weighed in on the Wynn proposal.

They see the planned cleanup of the former Monsanto site and building of a 5-Star, international destination resort and casino as a great positive.

Hear from them in their own words:

The Boston Harbor Association

“The ‘Living Shoreline’ is a very creative and exciting initiative to improve the waterfront and the shoreline, and The Boston Harbor Association strongly supports the project proponent in this significant environmental restoration effort.”

– Vivien Li, President, The Boston Harbor Association

Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA)

“MyRWA acknowledges that the proposed project will accelerate the cleanup of a significantly damaged ecosystem, and has encouraged proponents that, given the scale and scope of the proposed Resort Casino this project can make an extraordinary contribution to the revitalization of the Mystic River waterfront and to restoration of natural habitat and water quality conditions.”

– EkOngKar Singh Khalsa, Executive Director, Mystic River Watershed Association

Mass Audubon

“Overall, the project will transform a contaminated former industrial site into a major development that is designed with many sustainability features including energy and water efficiency, wetlands restoration and open space landscaping with public access.”

– John J. Clarke, Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, Mass Audubon

Boston Harbor Alliance

“This project presents a tremendous opportunity to add to and ensure the viability of a robust water transportation network linking downtown Boston, the Boston Harbor Islands National park, and this site along the Mystic River.

“The National Park is an important driver of the local tourism economy, and in addition to the traffic mitigation and environmental remediation benefits of providing water transportation as part of this project, a robust water transportation system will support continued growth in visitation to our local National Park and growth in the local tourism economy.”

– Jane Ellis, Vice President for Operations, Boston Harbor Island Alliance

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

“DCR supports the proposed improvements and looks forward to working with the City of Everett to implement the vision that is outlined in the MHP [Municipal Harbor Plan].”

– Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Waterways Regulation Program, Mass DEP

“The Department’s staff members have worked closely with the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) and representatives of the City of Everett throughout the planning process and our comments have been adequately addressed and incorporated into the final Plan. The WRP, therefore, recommends that you approve the Plan and make a finding that it is consistent with state tidelands policy objectives, as required by 30I CMR23.05(3).”

– Waterways Regulation Program, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

“I am writing to express the Massachusetts BayTransportation Authority’s (MBTA) support for the City of Everett’s Central Waterfront Municipal Harbor Plan (MHP). . .and we look forward to working with the City and the Wynn development team on the details necessary to implement the connection under the commuter rail tracks.”

– Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Everett Conservation Commission

“The Commissioners have in discussion from the review of the DEIR [Draft Environmental Impact Report] been most impressed with Wynn LLC certain intent to restore the wetland areas of the project to as near as possible to their original condition after years of being damaged environmentally by the former chemical facility located on the site.”

– Joe E. Norton, Chairman, Everett Conservation Commission

“In addition to these measures, several green infrastructure techniques are planned to reduce storm water and limit flooding (green roof, rain gardens, etc.). This foresight and vision are beyond any project I have ever had the opportunity to review in my city, and I am impressed with Wynn Everett’s commitment to consider the entirety of their broad impact.”

– Eamon Kernan P.E., Everett Conservation Commission

Everett Department of Planning & Development

“The creation of this plan marks a major milestone in Everett’s waterfront history, as the City continues its goal of re-establishing the waterfront as a resource for Everett citizens.”

– City of Everett Department of Planning and Development

The City of Everett

“Further, the project will incorporate creative measures at promoting a cleaner future for the site and surrounding water ecosystem, including cleaning the site’s waterfront areas from contaminated debris, and incorporating a living shoreline into the project.

“This is an historic opportunity for the City of Everett to reconnect with its waterfront, improve its aging transportation network, provide jobs and economic opportunity to its working population, and advance a transformative economic development project for not only the City but for the region as a whole.”

– Mayor Carlo DeMaria, City of Everett
Everett School Committee

“First and foremost, I strongly believe that awarding Wynn Everett the license will make Everett ‘greener.’ We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a blighted, highly polluted, inaccessible piece of land and clean it while turning it into a revenue generating waterfront property.”

-Francis A. Parker, Vice Chairman, Everett School Committee

Everett Teachers Association

“This project will allow a remediation of this site and will allow our residents a cleaner, healthier future. . .Wynn’s proposal give our city a true chance to turn this brownfield into a true ‘green’ site, which will benefit our residents and of course our future, the students of the Everett Public Schools.”

– Kimberly Auger, President, Everett Teachers Association


Click to access everett-mhp-decision-2014.pdf


When you have the facts, it’s pretty clear – Wynn is the best choice for Massachusetts. A Wynn in Everett is a Wynn For All!

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