Somerville Celebrating 75 years of Little League with Former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Oilcan Boyd



Photo L to R:
Little League Alumni Mark Crowley, Little League Alumni Alfred Manzo, Little League Alumni Joe “Crazy Legs” McQuire and Eric Vroom

Photo L to R: Mayor Joseph Curtatone, Dennis Oilcan Boyd and Little League Alumni of Somerville Veteran’s Allied Council 75 year old Joe Mitrowicz

By William Tauro

On Saturday morning dozens on Somerville Little League players, their families, the league’s coaches, volunteers, and friends enjoyed a fun full day of festivities at Conway Park on Somerville Avenue as they celebrated “75 years of Little League.”

To help celebrate the occasion, former Boston Red Sox Pitcher Dennis “Oilcan” Boyd shared the honors and threw out the first ceremonial pitch.

Oilcan Boyd arrived on the field under police escort in one of the City of Somerville “Smart Cars” driven by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

Along with Oilcan Boyd, Three addition Somerville Little League Alumni shared the honors and also threw out ceremonial pitches.

The second alumni ceremonial pitch was thrown by 88 year old Alfred Manzo who played on a Somerville Little League team in 1939.

The third alumni ceremonial pitch was thrown by Joe “Crazy Legs” McQuire who got the fancy nickname with his quick ability to run the bases when he played on Little League teams here in Somerville as a child.

The forth alumni ceremonial pitch was throw out by Mark Crowley who as well played on Somerville Little League teams as a Somerville child.

2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of the “Little League” program. It’s been an exciting 75-year trip around the baseball diamond and into communities. From humble beginnings in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and with assistance from the wonderful volunteers, Little League has grown into the largest and best youth sports organization in the world.

The 75th Anniversary is not a celebration just in Williamsport. It’s a celebration at local leagues everywhere.

Somerville Little League Sean Fitzgerald- Corresponding Secretary did a fantastic job putting this program together.

For more information on Somerville Little League please visit their web site:

On behalf of everyone here at The Somerville News Weekly, Happy 75th Anniversary, and, as always, thank you for your exemplary volunteer service for the Little League in our community.







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