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Hughes & Iliopoulos Arrests

Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit have been conducting an ongoing narcotic investigation of a residence and the occupants thereof located in the West Somerville / Davis Sq. area.

During the early morning of May 31, 2014 a surveillance was established by members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit of the target residence. At approximately 10:30 AM the defendant in this matter Ryan aka ” Ron ” Hughes was observed exiting from the residence. Surveillance of his activity was maintained as defendant Hughes was observed walking in a gingerly pace to the Rite Aid Pharmacy parking lot located along Highland Avenue Somerville, MA. Upon arrival to this location the defendant Ryan Hughes was observed visually scanning the area. Defendant Hughes behavior suggested that he was attempting to locate someone. Moments thereafter defendant Charles Litopoulos was observed entering the Rite Aid Pharmacy parking lot solo a via 2003 Honda Accord. Noting defendant Litopoulos arrival defendant Hughes immediately entered the motor vehicle seating himself in the right front passenger seat.

At this time Inspector Collazo observed the defendants engaged in a joint visual activity focused in the direction of their lower bodily extremities. In stride this investigator approached the motor vehicle containing the defendants on foot. As I approached the motor vehicle I observed defendant Litopoulos passing what appeared to be currency in paper form to defendant Hughes. Defendant Hughes accepted the paper currency utilizing his left hand. Based on my training and experience, the information garnered during the course of this investigation and the surveillance observations made I opined the actions displayed by the defendants were consistent with individuals presently engaged in a street level drug transaction.

As a result of this activity and observations I approached the open left front operators window where defendant Litopoulos was seated. At this time verbal police identification was made and a police badge was displayed to the defendants. Upon making police identification I noted that both defendants displayed a heightened concern and nervous behavior. I additionally noted that the motor vehicle containing the defendants was still currently in gear. I requested several times to defendant Litopoulos place the motor vehicle in a park gear / safe position. Additionally I requested defendant Litopoulos to place the ignition in the off position. Defendant Litopoulos was hesitant and reluctant to respond to this request. Once the motor vehicle was secured the defendants were requested to exit from the motor vehicle.

While positioned outside the motor vehicle Inspector Collazo inquired regarding any weapons presently stored on defendant Hughes person. Defendant Hughes indicated that he had a lethal cutting instrument ( knife )positioned in his right side pants pocket . In turn Inspector Collazo inspected this same area. During this inspection in plain view Inspector Collazo observed a clear glassine bag consistent with packaging utilized for controlled substances protruding from defendant Hughes right side pants pocket. Further inspection of the clear glassine by Inspector Collazo revealed 3 additional clear glassine bags containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin.

Due to Inspector Collazo observation and subsequent seizure of the suspected contraband the defendants were placed under arrest. As a result of their being placed into custody both defendants were accorded their constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda by this investigator. In response both defendants acknowledged receiving and understanding their Miranda warnings.

Post-Miranda defendant Hughes admitted to possessing an additional quantity of Heroin stored on his person. In turn this investigator found and seized a plastic prescription bottle from defendant Hughes left front pants pocket. Further inspection of the contents of the prescription bottle revealed 18 individual clear glassine bags containing a brown powder substance. Defendant was candid requiring further inquiries regarding his illegal drug activity. Hughes stated that he intended to sell defendant Litopoulos one bag of Heroin for the purchase price of $ 50.00. The $ 50.00 U.S. currency that defendant Hughes alluded to was subsequently recovered by Inspector Collazo from the front center console of the motor vehicle. This was the same area where Inspector Collazo previously observed defendant Hughes discarding the currency.

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