Police Cruiser Windows Smashed by Suspect



By William Tauro

(According to police report)

Over the weekend while assigned to the Gang/Anti-Crime unit, two Somerville Police officers observed a group of youths in the Edward Leathers Park, which is located on Walnut Street in Somerville in the area of Gilman Street.

The two officers observed this group of youths who appeared to be smoking marijuana.

The officers asked the station for the assistance of “East 4”, then other police officers arrived and parked their marked police vehicle, a Ford Explorer, on Walnut Street directly in front of the entrance to the park.

Two of the officers were assigned in plain clothes and approached these individuals with their badges clearly displayed.

One of the individuals fled the area on foot with one of the police officers chasing him.

The officer on chase left the area of the park to attempt to locate the suspect.

As the other two police officers were dealing with the youths in the park their attention was drawn to Walnut Street due to series of loud banging noises.

The police officers would note that they were approximately 50 feet from where the police cruiser was parked.

One of the police officers observed a person standing on the passenger’s side of the vehicle as these loud banging sounds were being heard.

Based on the police officers observations it appeared that this person was intentionally attempting to cause damage to the police cruiser.

At that point the two police officers began to run out of the park and onto Walnut Street and as they exited the park they observed this male, later identified as Jeffrey Banos, walking up Walnut Street towards Medford Street.

The police noted in their reports that this person was the only individual in close proximity of the police cruiser.

Suspect Banos turned to look at one of the officers as he was running after him and upon noticing the officer he began to run.

The police officer in pursuit then yelled to him identifying himself as a police officer.

As Banos began to flee he tripped and fell to the ground.

As he fell the police officer heard a metal object fall to the ground.

Banos quickly got up and began to run again.

Once the police officer caught up to him, The officer attempted to detain Banos and he immediately began to struggle with the officer.

The police officer then yelled “police stop resisting.” As other police officers arrived on scene to assist they were able to take Banos to the ground in an attempt to handcuff him.

Banos continued to struggle with them and was flailing his arms as police attempted to handcuff him.

Banos was eventually handcuffed and placed under arrest.

Once Banos was in custody and in control with the assistance of other officers, another walked down the street in the area where Banos fell and located a black Mag-Lite flashlight (approx. 10″ in length) in the middle of the street.

He then proceeded back to the police cruiser and observed the rear window had been smashed out.

The officer then walked to the passenger’s side of the vehicle and observed numerous gauge marks to the three passenger’s side windows.

The officer then further observed spots on the window which could be blood spots.

When Banos was being booked officers observed blood and cuts on his hands.

His injuries were photographed by polices and the photos will be included in the case file.


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