Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Juvenile Arrest

I Officer. Teves, was working in full uniform assigned to marked motorcycle unit East 4. At approximately 6:35 PM I along with West 5, which was operated by Officer Gardner were dispatched to Derby St. for an alleged altercation.
While we were in route we were updated by Somerville control that there was a large group of teenagers outside of the house trying to get the RP to come out so that he and the defendant could fight. We also received a transmission stating that the individuals were also trying to gain access into the RP’S home.

I arrived on location along with Officer. Gardner. Once on location I was met by the RP. From this point forward I will be referring to this juvenile as the victim. I asked the victim to explain to me what had taken place. The victim stated that he has been having an ongoing issue with an individual. The defendant then allegedly had the females try to lure the victim out of his house so that the defendant could fight him. When the victim looked out the window he saw the defendant. The victim stated that he noticed that the defendant had a knife in his hand . The victim also stated that he was in fear for his safety so he did not leave the confines of his house.

The victim then went on to state that when the defendant saw the police vehicles coming down the street that the defendant threw the knife into his neighbors front yard and fled into his neighbors backyard. I would like to note that as Officer. Gardner and I were exiting our cruisers there was a dog that was running around on the street that was in the backyard that the defendant fled into. It was brought to our attention that the dog had gotten out of the backyard when the defendant opened up the gate to flee from the police. The victim showed me where the defendant had discarded the knife. I took custody of the knife and secured it in the lock box on my police vehicle.

I asked the victim if he knew where the defendant had lived. The victim stated that the defendants mother lived at Governor Winthrop Rd. it was at this point that Officer Gardner and I cleared our current location and headed to Governor Winthrop Rd. to see if we could find the defendant. Upon arrival we spoke with the defendants mother however the defendant was not there. At approximately 8:39 PM I drove by central convenience and saw two individuals standing in the parking lot one of which turned out to be the defendant. At this point I asked the defendant about the incident that had taken place earlier. The defendant did not want to be forthcoming with information pertaining to the incident. It was at this point that I placed the defendant into custody.

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