Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Portiilo Arrest

On May 12, 2014 at about 6:16 p.m. I was dispatched to Hawkins St. & Somerville Ave. on a report of two drunk males down on the sidewalk. On my arrival I observed two males sitting
on the sidewalk on Hawkins St. I approached the males and immediately noticed one of the two was being quite hostile towards one of the firefighters that was on scene. This male reached in his pocket and took out a cigarette and began to light it. The firefighter advised him that it was not a good idea to start smoking. The comment seemed to annoy the man as he answered “so what” in an angry manner. The firefighter quickly backed off and avoided further contact. At some point Cataldo Ambulance arrived on scene to evaluate the two men. Attendant advised the male that he needed to stop smoking in order to be evaluated. As the attendant began to crouch down next to the man, he suddenly swung his right arm striking him on his forearm. Reacting to the man’s aggression, I placed myself between the two and using my OC spray, quickly delivered a burst towards the aggressive male. I then moved to handcuff this male. As I turned him over, I discovered he had a knife sticking out of his left pant pocket.( Blade Approx 3 inch ) Male was placed under arrest. The other male was transported to hospital without incident. Knife taken into evidence, Male Identified as Juan Portillo was taken to the police station via the wagon and booked.

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