Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Quill Arrest

On Saturday, April 26th, 2014, I was assigned to Somerville marked unit West Six. At approximately 1518 hours, the officer in West Seven reported that he was in Davis Square with three possibly intoxicated males that were
asleep on the sidewalk in front of the MBTA Station on College Ave. I responded to assist. Upon arrival I observed three males. One male, appeared to be intoxicated and We attempted to locate services for him through the Albany St. shelter in Cambridge. At this point the group was informed that they needed to move along as they we’re partially obstructing the sidewalk and on MBTA property. One of the males left the area and Mr. Clancy and one Mr. Timothy Quill remained on scene. As we waited to be informed as to whether or not Mr. Clancy was to be accepted, I observed that Mr. Clancy appeared to be unresponsive with his eyes half closed. I then nudged the sole of his shoe with my own foot to stir him. Mr. Clancy did not respond. I then leaned in closer and was able to get his attention. As I did this he said something to the effect that he would attack me if I “kicked” him again.

I explained to Mr. Clancy that I nudged him to make sure he was responsive, and that we were trying to get him to a shelter. He continued to speak to me in a garbled manner, I informed him that if he continued to be verbally volatile he may need to be placed into protective custody or taken to the station. At this point Mr. Quill was standing up. We informed Mr. Quill that he needed to leave. Mr. Quill stated that he wasn’t going anywhere. He stated that he was going to stay with Mr. Clancy because he believed that I had threatened him. I then informed Mr. Quill that no harm was going to come to Mr. Clancy and that he needed to leave. He again refused to leave and began raising his voice in an aggressive and agitated manner where he continuously stated that he was not going to allow us to hurt Mr. Clancy. I then attempted to grab hold of Mr. Quill’s arm and escort him out of the area. He pulled his arm away and said something to the affect of ” Don’t fucking touch me!” At this point Officer’s attention was diverted from Mr. Clancy and placed solely on Mr. Quill. Mr. Quill’s demeanor grew more tumultuous and concerning, as he continued to shout and refused to leave the area. I’d like to note that the MBTA station was in service and busy at the time of this incident, people were waiting to board buses inside the station and outside the station where they were approximately fifty feet around the corner of the station from Mr. Quills tumultuous and aggressive yelling.

Finally I ordered Mr. Quill to leave the area, and I informed him that I would place him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct if he refused. He again refused. I informed him that he was under arrest and Mr. Quill tightened his arms and pulled them forward of his body to prevent being handcuffed. Finally with the assistance of other officers,Mr. Quill was handcuffed, and continued to shout. In order to protect the public in Davis Square from any further disturbance the MBTA allowed us to bring Mr. Quill into the MBTA station as we awaited transport.

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