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Juvenile Arrest

At 9:57 p.m. on 25 April, 2014 I was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division, car E-1. I was dispatched to Glen Street for a B&E motor vehicle. Officer was also dispatched. When we arrived we were met by the victim. Victim stated that she observed a male, q
possible Hispanic, wearing a dark sweatshirt and white shorts in her motor vehicle. Victim stated that the suspect fled on foot towards Dell Street. Victim’s vehicle is a 2011 Mazda Protege. Nothing was damaged or missing from the vehicle. A search of the area ended with negative results
At 10:55 p.m. I was dispatched to the Oliver Street and Cross Street for a B&E motor vehicle in progress. Officer was also dispatched. The reporting person, stated that there is someone in his roommate’s vehicle. He further stated that his roommate is not home at the time and the vehicle’s lights are on. When I arrived, I observed a 2011 Subaru Legacy, on Oliver Street near Cross Street. The vehicle’s headlights and hazard lights were on. I also noticed that there was a person sitting in the front seat of the vehicle.
As I approached the vehicle, the person inside looked at me and exited the vehicle, leaving the driver door open. This person was wearing a dark sweatshirt and white shorts. He began walking on Oliver Street towards Glen Street at a fast pace. When I was gaining on him he started to run. He made this decision too late and I was able to grab him by the sweatshirt. When I stopped him he stated “I wasn’t in that car.” At this point I handcuffed him. The individual will from this point on be referred to as Juvenile.
I spoke to the reporting person who stated that he observed the Juvenile in his roommate’s vehicle and called the police. He told me that the owner of the vehicle was not home and that nobody should be in the car. He called his roommate who confirmed that no one should be in his car.
While we were waiting for the wagon, I checked the interior of the vehicle while the other officer stood watch over the Juvenile. The Juvenile was not aware that I was in the vehicle. While inside, I heard a cell phone ringing. I located the phone on the floor of the vehicle. I returned to the Juvenile and asked him if the phone belongs to him and he stated that it did. When I told him where I found it he stated “That’s not my phone. I’ve never seen that phone.”
The Juvenile was transported to the Police Station via the wagon where he was booked. During the booking process, the booking officer located a brown wallet in the Juvenile’s pocket. In the wallet was a New Jersey driver’s license, credit cards and personal papers. The license and credit cards are in the name of the victim. The Juvenile’s cell phone was seized and tagged as evidence.

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