Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Pinson Arrest

During the early afternoon of March 28,2014 this investigator developed intelligence regarding an anticipated
Heroin delivery transaction that was scheduled to occur.

A person known as ” Steve ” was scheduled to arrive at a remote location in Somerville, MA. The male was named ” Steve ” subsequently identified in this matter as the above named defendant Steven Pinson as being a white male, thin build and approximate mid-thirties. ” Steve ” was expected to arrive at the location via a silver colored Honda Pilot bearing the Massachusetts registration. The motor vehicle in question contained a hidden storage compartment. The hidden compartment located inside of the Honda Pilot routinely contained large amounts of Heroin and Cocaine.

Upon receiving the aforementioned information members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit and Gang / Anti-Crime Unit (assisted by Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division established a surveillance of the Woodstock St. Somerville, MA location and adjacent area.

At approximately 2:25PM Inspectors observed the arrival of a silver colored Honda Pilot bearing the Massachusetts registration along Woodstock St. Observations were then made of the target motor vehicle stopping and parking in front of the residence located at Woodstock St. Thereafter the operator of the motor vehicle defendant Steven Pinson was observed waiting inside of the target motor vehicle. The defendant was then observed exiting from the motor vehicle and briefly standing on the public sidewalk. It was at that time that this investigator noted that the defendant resembled the physical description of ” Steve “.The defendant then re-entered the motor vehicle and continued to wait.

Subsequent to this action Inspector observed a white male wearing black pants, black jacket and a white colored baseball hat traveling on foot through Woodstock Park / Playground in the direction of the defendants awaiting motor vehicle. Pursuant to this observation Inspectors observed this same white male enter the defendants waiting motor vehicle.

While approaching the defendants motor vehicle Inspector observed defendant Pilson attempting to hand an unknown item that was positioned inside of defendant Pilson left clenched fist to the suspected purchaser. The perception of this act was that the Heroin transaction was interrupted with the arrival of police personnel. At this time defendant Pilson was removed from the motor vehicle. As defendant Pilson exited from the motor vehicle Inspector observed Pilson discard a clear glassine bag to the pavement. Inspector in turn recovered the clear glassine bag that contained a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin. Three additional clear plastic bags containing a brown powder substance believed to be Heroin were then seized from defendant Pilson left cupped fist.

Defendant Pilson was placed under arrest and advised of his constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda by this investigator. In turn the defendant acknowledged understanding his Post -Miranda the defendant admitted that there was a hidden compartment contained inside of the Honda Pilot. The defendant agreed to identify the location of the hidden compartment. As a result of the search of the defendants person and motor vehicle approximately 116.8 grams of a substance believed to be Heroin, 68.5 grams of a substance believed to be Cocaine and $ 3,453.00 were found and seized.

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