Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Martinez Arrest

The victim came into the police station to report an assault.
Victim stated she had been assaulted by her boyfriend Henry Martinez.The
defendant was driving a white Honda Accord she exited the car and headed into Union Square.
She stated that Mr. Martinez exited his vehicle and kept trying to get her back in the car. She was now in front of Mama Ginas Pizza and was just walking past when she took off a friendship ring he had given her and stated to him “do I have to throw this away to get you to leave me alone”.
He then picked her up over her shoulder and to defend herself she slapped him. She stated that Mr. Martinez dropped her but he then slapped her.She walked away and he went back to his car. Mr. Martinez followed her in his car.
Victim stated that he pulled into the Kawasaki parking lot and revved his engine as she went by. She continued to walk and he pulled into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and as she walked by she asked him what she was going to do,she stated “she was going to the police station and would decide then what she was going to do”,she stated he said” don’t do anything stupid.”
She came into the police station and that he was on the front steps but left before the police could see that he was there.Martinez was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery

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