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Kakles Arrest

On Monday March 17th, 2014 at approximately 05:26 hours I was dispatched to Wheatland St. for report
of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival I spoke to a victim who appeared disheveled, crying hysterically, and breathing extremely fast. I asked the victim what had happened and she stated that her and her boyfriend, David Kakles, had got into an argument. She wanted, was for Kakles to give her cell phone and credit card back and for him to leave the house. However, Kakles became agitated at the request and pushed her out the bedroom door onto the floor. She had grabbed Kakles face during the struggle as she fell to the floor.

I spoke with David Kakles next. He appeared to have a bloody nose but refused medical attention. I also spoke with a friend of victim’s who was also present. He stated that he too was asleep but awoke to the sound of the argument, exited his bedroom and witnessed Kakles push the victim to the ground.

Kakles was placed under arrest for M.G.L c.265 S13A Assault and Battery.

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