Letter to the Editor: “I Need Your Help!”



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Dear Somerville News Weekly Publisher,

My name is Juanita Meranda and this is “My Real Life Police Story”

I am a Somerville senior citizen and I reside at Clarendon Hill Apartments

located 1366 Broadway in Somerville.

I am a 28 year veteran of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Correction as a shift commander Lieutenant.

I am not your typical little old lady, I can assure you!

My mother was the first black person in the Clarendon Hill Apartments back even before both the Chatham and Regency buildings were even being built.

My story begins on September 24, 2013 at 3:05 PM.

After returning from an errand, I was entering my apartment and when I open my door I walked in and I came face-to-face with a guy, a black man walking out of my bedroom.

I immediately recognized him, he is my next-door neighbors son.

Immediately he ran out my front door and vanish into the hallways of the building.

Out of instinct, I immediately walked into my bedroom to check it out only to discover that all my drawers had been pulled out of their bureaus, my closets ransacked, and my mattress overturned.

The room was completely ransacked and after noticing more, I realize that I was also robbed of my personal possessions and valuables.

I then contacted the Somerville Police Department who put me in contact with a couple of the detectives.

I informed one of the detectives that I recognized the intruder who broke into my apartment and in fact it was my next-door neighbor’s son who is not on the lease but who has been staying with him in the apartment.

I went over everything that was missing which included between $8,000-$10,000 worth of jewelry and between $500 and $600 in cash that I had tucked away for a rainy day.

The detective more or less told me that “where the police didn’t see him in the apartment so they really couldn’t do nothing because their hands were tied.”

I was frustrated so I called the mayors office and reported it with the mayor’s secretary Nancy who was very pleasant and immediately contacted the police and had a second detective sent over to my apartment.

When the second detected contacted me, she, the female detective more or less told me the same thing that the first detective did that “the police didn’t see it so our hands are tied.”

Becoming more frustrated with all the wrong answers from the police, I explained to the detective again that ” I identified the suspect with a positive ID, gave you his full name and address along with his father’s full name and address who lives directly across the hall from my apartment” and even explained to them that “the Clarendon Hill Security officer has even seen him on the premises many more times after that day so what do you mean you can’t do anything about it and he’s not even on the lease?”

So here we are today, I’m writing you at the Somerville News Weekly, five months later and still everything is falling upon deaf ears.

Maybe the police weren’t trying hard enough because of the laws and their hands were tied? Maybe they are to busy and shorthanded? But now that we have a new chief of police and if you could please print this in your Somerville News Weekly newspaper, maybe now we can get the ball rolling and raise some attention and maybe something will get finally done and justice will be served.

I am an elderly woman and I live all alone and I think God that I am still alive because things could’ve changed drastically that day!

Again please print this in your newspaper because you are my only hope for justice!


Juanita Meranda

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