Green Line Extension Good, But We Can’t Ignore Possible Negative Consequences

The Green Line Extension is going to bring a lot of great things to Somerville, but we can’t ignore possible negative
consequences as well. Over the past two years we’ve been working with Somerville Community Corporation and Metropolitan Area Planning Council to look at how housing affordability may shift along the Green Line corridor. “The Dimensions of Displacement” was released earlier this wee…k and identifies some risk factors that could price lower income residents out of Somerville and provides us with some baseline data we can use to track the effectiveness of policy changes and which populations are being affected.

The full report is brimming with interesting facts and figure about Somerville (some of which might surprise you) and is worth a look. If reading housing and transportation reports isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered too. On the ResiStat blog, we’ve pulled out some of the big issues raised in the report as well as taken a look at some of the things Somerville is already doing to support affordability. You can take a look here and also find a link to the full report:

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