Somerville:This is Deputy Chief Michael Cabral with an important message:


On 11/18/2013, at approximately 11:35 PM, a female victim reported that while walking home alone in the Porter Square area, she was grabbed from behind by an unknown male. The male assailant was described as 5″ 9″ with short straight hair . Male had on a black jacket with collar, baggy pants and nice shoes. The attacker attempted to sexually assault her. The victim screamed; at which point her attacker fled north on Porter Street towards Summer Street. The victim was not injured.

We are asking anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious, or anyone who has information about this incident, to please contact Somerville Police Detectives at 617 625-1600, extension 7224.

We all need to remain vigilant and take personal safety measures, especially when walking alone.

As a reminder, if you see a crime in progress, or see anything or anyone acting suspicious, please call 911 immediately.

– If possible, never walk alone, particularly after dark.
– Avoid distractions like air buds or headphones.
– Walk in well-lit areas.
– Avoid short cuts that take you into dark areas.
– Keep your cell phone handy at all times.
– Download a location app on your phone so that it may be traceable if stolen.


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