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Pierre arrest

On November 13, 2013, I received an incident report from A victim, a teacher at Somerville High School.

Her report states, (On November 12, 2013) “At approximately 2:45, Lorreno Pierre came into my office (259). I was sitting in my chair working/typing at my computer. Lorreno asked me if I had any Halloween candy. The question stemmed from a discussion that we had the previous week about Halloween. I mentioned that I was bringing in the extra candy for the teachers.

I answered Lorreno’s question that I did have a bag of candy on the table and that he could grab a couple of pieces. Lorreno said, ‘thanks.’ Our conversation ended and I turned away from him. I proceeded to work and type on my computer. A second later I noticed Lorreno approach me from behind. I was sitting facing my computer, in my chair. Lorreno came behind my chair and wrapped his arms around my chair and touched the side of my arms. I began to curl down when I felt his arms. His hands lightly grabbed my chest and I tightened up. He released his grip and I stared at him awkwardly. I couldn’t speak. Lorreno walked to the other side of the office and said to my student teacher, that he ‘wanted to marry me.’

After Lorreno left, I called at 3:00 P.M. to report the incident. I thought was Lorreno’s Housemaster, but he referred me to who is Lorreno’s Housemaster. I reported the incident to at 3:17 pm.”

I spoke to on 11/13/13 in the Head Master’s office. was present for the meeting. recounted the events she detailed in her incident report. She made it clear that Lorreno’s action of touching her was inappropriate and unwelcome.

After speaking to , I contacted Lorreno’s House Master, . went to classroom #336 and brought Lorreno Pierre to the Head Master’s conference room.

In the conference room, I told Mr. Pierre what he was accused of. I gave him his Miranda Rights. He acknowledged he understood his rights. He then exercised his right to remain silent. I asked no questions of Mr. Pierre.

I placed Lorreno Pierre into custody and called for car 200, officer T. Gardner, to transport him to the police station. While waiting for car 200, Lorreno stated, “I gave her a hug, that’s all I did.”

Officer T. Gardner arrived shortly thereafter. Officer Gardner patted down Mr. Pierre before seating him car 200. Officer Gardner recovered a folding knife from his coat pocket and handed it to me. The knife had a black handle and a four inch blade. Lorreno Pierre was transported to the station and booked by Lt. C. Vivolo.



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