Somerville First Graders Thanked a Veteran at the Argenziano School


By William Tauro

The first grade classes at the Argenziano School have been learning all about the community.

Last week they had a discussion about the people in our community that help keep us safe, and one of our students mentioned the military.

Since Veteran’s day was right around the corner, they thought it would be fitting to have a Veteran to come in and share their experience with the class.

Students made cards thanking Veteran’s for their services and had questions about what it meant to be a veteran.

Jill Toce, a first grade teacher at the Argenziano School reached out to The Somerville News Weekly and had asked if the News could bring in a veteran to speak to the first graders on “What it means to be a veteran!”

The newsroom got in touch with Somerville Ward 1 Alderman Elect Matthew McLaughlin and asked if he would be interested in volunteering to speak to the students, and he agreed without hesitating.

This past Wednesday,McLaughlin, an Army veteran who served a tour of duty in Iraq appeared at the school with his mother, Charlene McLaughlin and when the session began took multiple questions from the first graders ranging anywhere from “What branch of the military did you serve in?” to “Have you ever driven a tank?”

After the question and answer session, teachers Mrs. Sousa, Mrs. Campos, Mrs. Toce, Miss Abreu and Miss Amlrmstrong’s first grade students presented the new alderman elect/ military veteran with dozens of handwritten thank you cards and posters thanking him for his service in the military.

First grade teacher Mrs. Abreu said “It was great to see the pride students had when they gave their cards to Matthew. It was a very memorable experience!”




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