Here’s Your Weekly Dosage of The Somerville News Weekly Newstalk Shout Out for Nov. 12, 2013


The Somerville News Weekly Print edition can be found weekly in the bright red Somerville News boxes located at the following locations across the Ville: Union Sq. Post Office, Dunkin Donuts Magoon Sq/Dunkin Donuts Somerville Ave (across rink)/Dunkin Donuts Broadway at McGrath Hwy/ Dunkin Donuts Middlesex Ave, Dunkin Donuts Twin City Plaza, Clairton Hill Bus stop, In the red news box across from Victor’s Deli & Ball Square Cafe in Ball Square, Winter Hill Post Office and Davis Square in  front of Mike’s Restaurant. The paper can also be found at all municipal buildings including Somerville City Hall, Traffic & Parking and all Council of Ageing Buildings, All Winter Hill Banks, Pats Auto Body Linwood Street, The Book Shop Broadway, West 7 Bistro Broadway, Somerville Credit Union, The Arts at the Armory Highland Ave, Most Senior Apartment Buildings, Somerville Police Station, Wedgewood Crane & Connolly Ins Agency Davis Square, Vinnie’s Superette, Broadway Sunoco, Sovereign Bank Broadway, Dunkin Donuts Powderhouse and in just about every little store in and around the Ville! If you want your store location to be listed here as well on where to find The Somerville News Weekly, simply just call Billy Tauro at 1(888)625-2706 or email him at and we will  add you to our ever growing popular list of pick-up-locations across the Ville!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish congratulations to Somerville Police Captain, John O’Connor on his recent retirement from the Somerville Police Department and thank him for his dedicated service to our citizens over the years! John is a great guy and we wish him all the best and happiness for many years to come!


Our condolence to the family of Florence “Flo” Ribeiro on her recent passing this past week. Flo was larger than life with her golden personality and her wonderful smile. Flo was mother to Somerville Police Officer James Ribeiro and she was wife to everybody’s good friend, the Late Gil Ribeiro. Flo was a very nice lady and will be sadly missed by many here in the Ville!


If you haven’t tried the New West 7 Bistro Restaurant yet, well you’re missing out! Located at the former Amelia’s Italian Kitchen Restaurant in Teele Square, West 7 Bistro is a breath of fresh air with its swanky new décor and delicious menu. Whether it’s for the fine food menue or the ambiance over cocktails, West 7 Bistro is the place to eat when in the Ville!


Happy birthday to one of The Somerville News Weekly’s most avid reader, Jimmy Veneziano! Jimmy’s birthday is coming up and he will be 60 years old! We wish Jimmy all the best!


Congratulations to the Somerville Kiwanis on the Installation of Rui Domingos as their new 2013-2014 President! Rui is a know-how-to-get-it-done kind of guy and we know he will be a fantastic president! We wish him all the best and congratulations as president!


We are hearing many more rumors from our front doorstep rumor mill sources where many juicy news informational items usually get dropped off during the darkness of night now and then. But this one is coming from a very reliable doorstep source that’s telling us that the Chief’s resignation is no coincidence and may not be what it is made out to be? It’s no secret that this chief wasn’t the most popular kid on the block here at the department, but it may be a good reason behind of his leaving more than we think? Maybe he doesn’t want to be around when and if the shit hits the fan? More important let’s remember one important factor that he come from the federal level so he knows firsthand when and if something is about to go down. We are being told that he’s getting out of Dodge and he doesn’t want to be around to get involved with anything that would blemish his resume while under his command. We think you know what we are talking about? Spelled out in three simple letters Fed. We usually don’t miss our mark that often and we think that we will be right on the money dead center on this one as well. We weren’t wrong about the DPW garage scandal were we? And the answer is yes, the answer to the question, is what’s going on at the DPW garage related to what’s going on here? Absolutely is all one big western omelet! And what’s pissing off most overshadowing this omelet is the fact that it’s so tight lipped that most of the alderman are in the dark about it. If you don’t believe us just ask the next alderman that you into and ask him about it and just watch the look on their face as they just shrug their shoulders. So stay tuned as we learn more of when and where and report it to you! Our prediction is that the week that the old chief leaves office, is the week that the new chief will be busy as a beaver. We hope this time that we are wrong, but we very seriously doubt it! So ladies and gents please fasten your seat belts, get your popcorn buttered and get ready to read it firsthand in The Somerville News Weekly!


The Somerville Youth Hockey Association is hosting a holiday party for SYHA adults on Friday December 6, 8:00 pm at Casey’s Tavern (173 Broadway, It’s a great opportunity to socialize with people you see at the rink ALL THE TIME. And it’ll be a warmer environment with beer and cocktails for the adults of course. Tickets to the event are $10 dollars per person. There will be raffles and a 50/50 during the party. A pair of Bruins tickets for December 31 game will be raffled off along with an Orleans $50 gift card, Boston Burger gift cards, 4 passes to Sky Zone and $15 dollars gift card to JP Licks.


For any of you Villens out there that one time in your life you lived in Cambridge and ever attended The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge CRLS, well their having their 35th class of 1978 class reunion on November 30th and they are looking for you!  For more info on the reunion go to their website or simply call Maura at (617)335-0821 and be there!


Our good friend Eva Montibello is having a fundraising event in December to benefit Speaking Out Safely and M.A.S.O. ~ Massachusetts Survivors Outreach  and they are looking for vendors. It will be a shopping and beauty event – very much like a Girls Night In … they’ll also be tarot card readers and mediums there … makeup artists … jewelry and purse vendors. Also, if you have an organization that women like, sponsor a booth and promote your cause! They are looking for vendors right now! If you sell something that someone else might like as a Holiday Gift – please reach out to me at!


AUTHOR EVENT: The Book Shop in Somerville, Wednesday November 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM

CARTER ALAN will discuss his new book:RADIO FREE BOSTON: THE RISE AND FALL OF WBCN a Q & A and signing will follow.

We will have books available for purchase.

Currently a DJ (WZLX Sunday Morning Blues) and music director at WZLX in Boston, CARTER ALAN was a DJ at WBCN for nineteen years. He is the author of U2, Outside Is America, and Life on the Road.

Also: Music by Somerville Teenager Valentin Prince from 5 to 7pm come early.

The Book Shop. Also:(Gene Brune’s Book “ The Spirit of Somerville” and The Somerville News Weekly print edition can both be found at The Book Shop as well!)

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