Four Fires in Somerville This Past Week

Somerville firefighters have responded to four house fires this week. None of these fires is considered suspicious. Somerville firefighters were kept busy during a six hour period on November 3rd and 4th responding to two porch fires. The first fire was reported at 9:02 pm on Sunday evening. Firefighters responding to 45 Kidder Avenue found fire burning in mulch which had spread to a first floor, front porch. Part of the porch siding had to be removed to complete extinguishment of the fire. The second blaze was reported at 1:56 am on Monday morning at 11 Oakland Avenue. Firefighters extinguished a fire on a second floor porch that had spread into an exterior wall. Firefighters had to open up several walls to complete extinguishment. At 1106 pm on Tuesday night, November 5th, an electrical fire broke out on the third floor of 72 Line Street. Firefighters had to open a section of ceiling to extinguish the fire and electrical power had to be shut down for the apartment. A third porch fire broke out this morning, November 6th at 848 am at 99 Porter Street. The fire was confined to a second floor rear porch and exterior wall. Improper disposal of smoking materials is suspected as the cause of all three porch fires.

The Somerville Fire Department would like to remind residents to properly dispose of smoking materials outside of their homes. Porch and deck fires have increased as smokers move outside instead of smoking in their residences. A metal container with sand is the best way to dispose of cigarette butts. Never use a potted plant or a plastic or combustible container to dispose of your smoking materials. These potted plants often contain peat and dead plant material which are very combustible. Never toss cigarettes into mulch or other vegetation around your property. It is also recommended to keep mulch at least 18 inches away from the base of your home. Pea stone or crushed rock should instead be used up against the building.

Photos courtesy of Somerville F.D.

Both photos are of firefighters completing extinguishment of the porch fire at 99 Porter Street on November 6th



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