November 2nd, 3rd Year Anniversary of Somerville Police Officer Shooting


By William Tauro

This past Saturday, November 2nd marked the third anniversary that Somerville Police Officer Mario Oliveria was shot multiple times while serving an arrest warrant.

The incident took place on Gibbens Street in Somerville where Oliveria moments after the shooting lay cold on the ground fighting for his life until emergency medical first responder units arrived at the scene.

Oliveria said in a statement to The Somerville News Weekly that” If it weren’t for the heroics of ATF Agent Brian Higgins, Somerville Police Sergeant Joe Mccain, Somerville Police Lieutenant. Reardon and Somerville Police Detective Nadile that he would not have made it to the Massachusetts General Hospital where Dr. David King performed a miracle and brought him back from the dead, not once but Twice!” He also went on saying that” He could never repay those guys for what they did, never!” and that “He is forever indebted to them. ” also “Thank you to all my family and Facebook family for all the support, I mean that with all my heart!”


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