By Bob Katzen

The Elections Laws Committee’s hearing also included a proposal that would permit cities and towns to allow non-citizens over age 18 to vote in local municipal elections. The elections in which non-citizens could vote include an election for mayor, school committee, city council, town council, select board, a school committee referendum and a local ballot referendum.

“Non-citizen residents of Massachusetts are already participating deeply in civic life by attending parent-teacher conferences, working toward college degrees, donating their time for community projects, running local businesses and of course, paying their taxes,” said sponsor Rep. Mike Connolly (D-Cambridge). “That is why I am proud to refile this legislation to extend voting rights in municipal elections to noncitizen voters of the commonwealth.”

A similar bill filed by Connolly last year was shipped off to a study committee where bills are rarely actually studied and are essentially defeated. It is a way to kill a proposal without holding a vote on the bill itself.

One thought on “ALLOW NON-CITIZENS TO VOTE (H 671)”

  1. Why? They don’t have to live by the same mandates as paying income tax when living and working abroad, required to use medicare why should they get to vote on it then?

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