The MBTA Board of Directors Vote on Bus Proposal?

By Karen Glover

Somerville, MA residents are anxiously anticipating the MBTA Board of Director’s Vote on the redesign proposal.
We have along with Medford, MA submitted petitions, articles, online commentaries, emails and voicemails.
The Question is: Will the MBTA Board of Directors pay attention to our loud and clear opposition to this ill-conceived proposal for cutting and changing routes in Somerville and Medford?
Will the MBTA respect the loud outcry and testimonies from the young, the seniors, school children, workers, the able-bodied and the disabled citizens?

Therefore, we recommend the MBTA Board of Directors the day, date and time of the pending vote in a timely manner. Otherwise, we will still be guessing, who knows when, this vital board meeting will take place, i.e. Oct.? Nov.? Dec.?
We are anxiously waiting for this event to occur. We look forward to returning to normal stability in our lives, without all this doubt, apprehension and anxiety over buses consuming our lives!
We also recommend the MBTA Board of Directors post a notice in the Somerville/Medford
Weekly Newspaper and other relevant multi-lingual publications of the vote results, and in the worst case scenario, post all alternative routes relative to the changes to the 87, 88, 89 and 80 bus routes.
We do not want to spend any more time searching out MBTA policy, changes, anything! We have jobs, school, medical appointments…lives to lead without being consumed by the details of the MBTA’s ill-conceived proposals and poorly managed transit system!

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