Letter from the Editor:Homeless Population In Somerville Rising

By William Tauro

At 1:18 PM on Wednesday September 14th, a Somerville resident texted me a photo of a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk at Broadway at Temple Street in Somerville that had been there most of the day as you can read in the attached text stating how the city has gone downhill. The text read:”Hey Billy just thought I’d share this with you all my life living in Somerville I’ve never seen this the corner of Broadway and Temple this is what this city’s come to.” I replied back with a text that read:”Sad. Yesterday I was out with my son delivering the paper and a guy was sitting on steps on Somerville Ave unzipping his fly and just pissing away on the sidewalk in front of everybody sad!”

At 1:50 PM, not more than thirty minutes later this same Somerville resident sent me two more photos of which is included here of a Somerville Police Officer washing off the sidewalk with bleach in a roped-off area with crime-tape of where the deceased body was found and removed.

So apparently this homeless man was sleeping on the sidewalk next to the intersection of Broadway and Temple Street on Temple Street and apparently nobody noticed he had died as he was laying there.

Nothing has been done to help the homeless in the city. Nothing has been done to help with mental awareness and treatment in the city.
Nothing has been done to help combat the drug infestation and overdose crisis in the city.

What have we become as a society in the City of Somerville?

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Homeless Population In Somerville Rising”

  1. Homeless population growing in Medford too. Tents down by the river behind Medford square where the homeless live, homeless all over Wellington/Fellsway area too

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