Letter from the Editor:Where Do We Pee While Using The “T”?

By William Tauro

With the month long closure of the MBTA’s Orange Line and some parts of the Green Line and their stations closed, after somebody drinks that morning cup of coffee or someone has a hardy lunch during the day, where do commuters going to and from work go to the bathroom?

They have replaced all of the trains during the closure with buses along just about every stop of the Orange and Green Line routes, but how about those who may need a bathroom stop now that all these stations are closed?

For instance, you will notice at Assembly Row in Somerville that they have cleared one block worth of street parking on each side of the street so buses can quickly slide in, pick up their passengers and then quickly slide out. But you would think during this hard thought planning of this month long MBTA commuter shutdown, that someone of these powers-to-be would of considered putting an out-house/porta-potty or two or three along the routes so just in case someone has to pee. And more importantly, hopefully they’re not thinking someone will use a tree?

Asking for a friend!

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