Sleepless in Somerville

By Arthur Moore

Once again Somerville has chosen to be as despicable as possible. On Cedar Street where we have a lot of plastic poles that have raised havoc with people trying to get a night’s sleep has now replaced the poles and more since they were plowed away.

People could finally get a night’s sleep again at least on the bottom half of the street. The city knows about this as they have been called. Many construction jobs can’t start until a certain hour so as not to disturb people. But these poles keep the light sleepers up all night long as people keep hitting them all night. So even knowing this they go ahead and deprive people of a night’s sleep. Who does this? Well, I guess Somerville does. Personally, I would hire the toughest lawyer I could fine and sue the city if I lived there. Hopefully someone will as now it is so intentional since they know the problem. I know we have no real leadership here and I expect the problem will go on to be ignored as usual until we have another election and hopefully someone civic minded will run. I felt so bad today as I drove down the street and saw them back up. The poor people who live there have to now put up with this? Instead of being proud to be from Somerville I am ashamed to be from here. This is not right.

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