Highland Gardens, 114 Highland Avenue, is a federal senior/young disabled housing complex. Among its amenities are spacious balconies. Outside the complex are comfortable benches surrounded by a very aesthetic landscape design.
The tenants quickly acknowledge how ideal it is to have the MBTA #89 bus stop right outside the complex! The direct bus route offers easy access to Davis Square and Lechmere Station. Needless to say, this direct route pleases everybody!
The Highland Gardens Tenant Association is extremely active, not only in sponsoring memorable in-house Holiday Parties and Festivities, but its Officers also keep abreast of current affairs, policy-making and relevant announcements in Somerville.

Officers of The Highland Garden Tenant Association:
Left to Right: Sandy Babin, Treasurer, Donna Peyser, President and Brian Doucette, Secretary.
As part of their community outreach, these officers are committed to obtaining as many signatures as possible in order to confront the MBTA regarding its ill-conceived re-routing and drastic bus elimination proposal.
Beginning Wednesday, August 23rd at 2:00 pm in their Community Room, Donna, Sandy and Brian will conduct in-house Petition Signing Hours. In addition, they have volunteered to inform business owners of the petition purpose and process. They are also keeping flyers up-to-date on their bulletin boards and distributing flyers appropriately within the community.
Next week, Donna, Sandy and Brian will contribute their opinions and knowledgable insight regarding the MBTA problems, along with their thoughts regarding other glaring problems plaguing Somerville, MA.

We thank them for their dedicated community service.
Karen Glover, Contributer

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