Real Life Somerville Police Stories: (Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, A&B on Public Employee) (SPD & Billerica Warrants)

On 06/03/2022, while assigned to marked unit East-4, I was dispatched to the area of 269 Broadway for reports of an assault. Dispatch advised that a white male with a beard and a backpack had thrown beer cans at a party, later identified as Mr. XXXX and that the suspect had fled down Wheatland Street. East-1 (Officers VanNostrand and Lentini), responded as well and located the suspect in front of Winter Hill Market.

Please see other supplemental for the interaction. I responded to that location. Upon my arrival, I recognized the party as Mr. Chris Hicks, who I am familiar with from past interactions.
Mr. Hicks was in an aggressive stance and appeared to me to be arguing with Officer VanNostrand and Officer Lentini. As I was exiting the vehicle Mr. Hicks took off running down Wheatland Street. I advised dispatch of this as VanNostrand and Lentini made chase. I ran after them. They were able to catch Mr. Hicks who then was taken to the ground after striking Officer VanNostrand in the chest, just below the throat with a closed fist. During this struggle Officer Lentini’s shoulder was pulled from the socket. Officer VanNostrand deployed his pepper spray and I was able to handcuff Mr. Hicks. I immediately requested Medical Aid for Mr. Hicks and Officer Lentini. I also retrieved water from the cruiser to pour on Mr. Hicks’ face as he was requesting it due to the pepper spray. It was at this approximate time that Officer Goulart arrived and took control over Mr. Hicks. I then was able to speak to Mr. XXXX.
Mr. XXXX stated that he had gotten out of the car in the Winter Hill Market parking lot and saw Mr. Hicks standing on the sidewalk and appeared to be “out of it”. He asked Mr. Hicks if he was okay and he noticed he was drinking a beer. He told Mr. Hicks that he should not be drinking out in public and walked towards the New Dragon Star Restaurant and noticed Mr. Hicks following him. When he exited the restaurant , Mr. Hicks told Mr. XXXX “I’ll fucking kill you.” Mr. Hicks then threw an open beer can at him, just missing and hitting the car, splashing him with beer. When I looked for the beer can it was not there, however Mr. XXXX shirt was wet and I could smell the beer coming from his person.

Mr. Hicks was transported to Cambridge Hospital per his request and is currently in custody.
Officer Lentini was also transported to Cambridge Hospital

A later CJIS Query of Mr. Hicks Showed seven active arrest warrants.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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