The Somerville 11th Hour Developer Property Grab Shuffle Has Begun!

By William Tauro

The Mayor, Mayoral Candidate Katjana Ballantyne developer/architect husband Rick Nielsen and all the rest of their corrupt partners are making a move before a new mayor comes in! They are doing it now not knowing who will be the next mayor just in case they loose.

It was just announced that they are closing Sligo‘s Pub in Davis Square as well as McKinnon‘s Meat Market within the next ten-twelve months to make way for a private development project in Davis Square. All the other stores on that block are under threat to be taken as well. There is also talk about on taking half of the municipal parking lot behind McKinnon‘s mmMarket for a bicycle parking lot.

It was also announced just this past week that they’re closing down and taking the Winter Hill Liquor Store and the former Winter Hill Star Market by eminent domain to put a project up with Joe’s developent partner who built the recent project right next-door.

Another bad turn in this equation in allowing them build this project on Winter Hill is that they are removing the island as well as removing all the on-street parking on both sides of the street in that area that will eventually cripple the rest of the business on that street and leave them vulnerable to be boarded up and taken as well! Eventually you will be saying goodbye to Winter Hill Bakery, Mama Lisa’s Pizza and all the other stores that have been there for years!

Doing nothing at all about this will be a big loss for the residents of Somerville and our Somerville heritage!

With two socialists in the mayoral race, (Katjana Ballantyne and Wilfred N. Mbah) you need to use common sense here and elect William Tauro for mayor!

Somerville needs now more than ever to elect the right person to be mayor on November 2nd!
Write-in “William Tauro” for mayor of Somerville on November to take your city back with common sense leadership!

This is the only remedy to save Somerville from further political destruction is to Please Write-in “William Tauro” 333 Great River Road on the balllot and circle the dot. Together we can do this and I will not let you down!

I’m the only NON SOCIALIST in the race!

So please remember to call, email, text and tell all your relatives, friends and neighbors that live in Somerville to please write an “William Tauro” especially now that early absentee ballots have arrived and Nov 2nd voting is just around the corner.

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