Billy Tauro, In His Own Words

When I made the choice to announce my intentions to run for the position of Mayor of Somerville. I made sure that transparency was a large part of my open door policy. City Hall has ignored the public for too long and now there is an opportunity for everyones voice to be heard and responded to. If you write in William B. Tauro for Mayor in the election taking place this coming November 2nd, I can promise you that I will be your voice.

The policies that I had expressed over the last year are very solid solutions that are feasible and within the budget of the city. I am an truthful, open candidate that will solve the problems plaguing this city. Not one of my opponents in the current mayoral race, has used the information provided to better the community at any given time. The truth revealed, is, that neither one of the candidates that carry on a social agenda have intentions on solving the community issues. They have allowed the city to come to an end of its functional obsolescence as is reported in the summary issued in March describing the deteriorationof the infrastructure by the administration’s own department.

The current Councilors including my two opponents are making sure that they continue to provide for themselves and, only when it calls for, it appears to be performing the job given to them. It’s a classic distraction that is a jesters of appeasement that many have fallen for in the past. So many accomplishments can be made from the ideas of others. Why haven’t they choosen to exercise those ideas and turn this city around? They do not want the leadership role, they want the cash roll, and they don’t care if each and every citizens hard earnings have to pay for it! I am here for the people, to do right by the people and with their good graces to be elected into office this November.

Please take the extra time this election on Tuesday November 2nd and write in the name “William B Tauro” into the space provided for Mayor. Color in the dot next to it as you would normally do and submit your ballot. This is a step into the right direction for yourself, your neighbors, and the community.

You will be proud of your vote. Thank you.

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