The Day The Music Died In Somerville Part I

By William Tauro

Here is one of many pieces of factual evidence that were presented to the FBI. This particular voicemail was left by Former Somerville Alderman Sean O’Donovan who still remains councle to and business partners with these individuals about my family’s personal property.

These individuals include my mayoral opponents Mary Cassesso’s husband Founder and developer of Dark Horse Capital Development Partners Peter Miller, Somerville City Councilwoman Katjana Ballantyne’s husband Richard T Nilsson founder of Nilsson Architect/Development, Somerville DPW Fleet Manager Ron Bonney and the one and only Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone who’s being referred to as a.k.a. “Somebody” in this recording message.

This is one of many pieces of actual evidence that were submitted to federal officials that began the chain reaction of multiple acts of extortion that followed committed by Joe Curtatone and his co-conspirators mentioned above in this testimony. We will be releasing all of the evidence segment by segment every week as trying to not interfere with this active ongoing case that has been continuously dragging on with assistance from local political interference. I may piss off a few federal agents, but at this point who cares, because they should move a little quicker!

We are also releasing this evidence to let the world know who we are dealing with and the magnitude of their crimes that they have committed while they were in office.
Original documents that were signed by these individuals mentioned above will also be made public as this unrevealing of Somerville political corruption continues.

If anybody doubts any of this, please feel free to contact the individuals mentioned above to have them file legal action against me for slander, but I seriously doubt that this will ever happen because I always report the truth. With these individuals mentioned, once elected and I take office I will begin uninterrupted criminal prosecution proceedings against these individuals. When one goes down, they all will fall like dominos.

Click on the link below to hear Sean O’Donovan in his own voice putting the wheels of political corruption in motion:

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