William B Tauro’s Message To Voters

With only a few weeks away, I would like to give you some insight as to why I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE!!
I am a very passionate and outspoken speaker. My intentions are to represent all the citizens equally and chase out the corruptive behavior once and for all.

I want to offer you my comprehensive plan that I have formulated to conduct business within the city. It will address my outline for a feasible approach on maintaining a sufficient operation of small businesses by offering tax breaks, fee breaks, and especially parking resources for the general public to enable access the individual shops with comfort and convenience. Parking issues will be integrated on a much more equal scale to accommodate all concerns of city wide travel and shopping inclusion. Traveling lanes will be more flexible to eliminate traffic jamming and create a more neutral flow for all travelers. My open door policy will provide an immediate approach to rising concerns happening on a daily basis. There will be an open line of communication, as I have always provided my personal contact number, and email for everyone’s convenience and access. I fully believe in protection of the rights of all, freedoms of expression, and general safety of the public. I do not agree with or support the proposed injection site within our own neighborhoods. Elimination of hate crimes and illegal activities will be one of the major agendas that will be addressed. I want to provide safer neighborhoods and work harmoniously with all departments to achieve a closer community that has been divided by many issues over the last 20 years. Intimidation within city services will no longer be the behavior of city employees, but, will become more user friendly. It is time for a change, to bring the citizens together and unify the different groups. As Holiday and observed days dedicated to the people occur, I want year round festivities held to keep a friendly and active neighborhood which, in my belief, will provide better communication with fellow neighbors. It will provide informative set skills that can be accessed within our citizenship helping one another. Somerville pride will flourish in our community. Providing the funding to our local law enforcement, fire, and public works will increase the stability that has been absent for far too long.  Initiating the HUB Program will provide a new approach to addressing the common issues plaguing the Department and answer concerns of questionable suspects once confronted. Special training will enhance the progress and skills required for all officers to interact with constituents on many levels. New equipment to protect our firefighters and address fire related issues more efficiently is a must. Not one life should be risked if the solution is already provided and can be easily purchased with proper funding.  Confidence and credibility will be installed into the Public Works Departments. The ISD will be revamped to ensure smooth easy fees, to complete home projects as well as welcome positive development from all forms, making our city more efficient and desired. The current tax assessments will finally be investigated for accuracy and adjustments will be made once discrepencies are found. The readdressing of our tax on water and sewer rates will also be under close scrutiny to provide accurate assessments to our citizens. Waste of finance will no longer be an option. The homeowner ordinances will be examined and investigated, for their component impact. The change of a more friendly language, and the protection of homeowner rights will be readjusted for fair and impartial rights. Renters that will be seeking cheaper rentals within the community will be examined and as a domino effect occurs , my belief is that the offer of rental apartments will decrease in fees, as burdens from tax reduction of homeowners will provide an allowance for that purpose. New application to low income housing will be enforced for the purpose of balance within the community with new developments. All people that desire to dwell in the community, should have a fair chance to rent or own within the city limits. Putting forth a large effort of preservation for our history has always been of paramount importance, and ensuring that, will be one of my many priorities. Our culture is based on the historical events that had taken place over 200 years ago. It falls upon us, as a community of citizens representing the city to make the necessary efforts to preserve for the educational benefits of future generations. Next, brings me to the green energy concerns. I do intend to apply the maximum amount of efficiency in this type of approach specifically with our public buildings. In this day and age, changes are needed to adjust in combating the global warming effects and create new sources to reduce and reverse this catastrophic issue. Preservation of our future for generations to come will always take top priority in my administration. I am in support of a more open educational curriculum introducing multiple languages to our younger children enrolled in our school system.  More integrated activity with the teaching of trades will be introduced. Many forms of transportation within the city will be upgraded to the highest possible application. Travel will be made safe and comfortable for all that desire it. While these many development projects have taken place, the disturbance of rodent burros has forced them to infiltrate our city streets and backyards. My approach will not only be a rigorous cleansing of the rodents, but a preventative measure to ensure minimal infestation and low risk to possible contamination and disease. I will be working closely with the Health Department to develop more comprehensive and realistic plans of action should an uprising in pandemic conditions reoccur. Harmony of a community will ensure a healthy relationship with neighbors and offering of more helpful programs such as my proposed HAND (Help A Neighbor Distressed) Program which will provide a neighborly interaction that will save money and create educational learning techniques for our future generations to embrace.  This will compliment the age gap of generations and assist older homeowners to maintain their properties. Senior citizens entitled to the comfortable golden years will be offered trips and dining experiences as well as celebrations normally not offered. The air qualities of all senior buildings as well as other public buildings will be improved and properly maintained by updating the outdated equipment currently operating within these buildings. Our Veterans will be individually evaluated for needs and assistance should they desire. Their contributions to America cannot be matched and it honors us to contribute to their retired years. We as one people can fight the good fight which will turn the city into a bonding of one community. I ask you very humbly, for your vote, in the upcoming election on September 14th.
Unity will provide stability. Together!

Thank you,

William B. Tauro “FIRST ON THE BALLOT”

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