Somerville Firefighters Local 76 Message

Somerville Firefighters Local 76
Tragedy was averted in Assembly Row today by a quick thinking Millenium Driver.

Upon seeing smoke coming from his vehicle and noticing he was very close to the adjourning buildings and multiple cars he was able to drive his truck as far away as possible before exiting his vehicle. The truck quickly became fully involved. This move likely saved serious property damage to multiple cars and possibly The Block 6 High Rise building

Box 166 was sounded for the truck fire close to the building. First due Headquarters Companies were on scene within minutes thanks to light Sunday morning traffic and were able to knock down the fire without any damage to any other property.

Local 76 strongly believes that we should add a fully staffed Engine Company to the Assembly Row Neighborhood. It is a City within a City and quick and rapid Fire Department Response is critical to the safety of our Assembly Row neighbors.

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