Letter from the Editor:Assembly Row Early Sunday Morning Fire Sparks a Greater Need for a Fire Department SubStation and Common Sense for Resident’s Safety First

By William Tauro

Somerville firefighters and police were dispatched for a truck fire early Sunday morning. The fire occurred in the middle of Somerville’s Assembly Row where firefighters quickly extinguished the flame.

No injuries were reported.

This fire occurring month shortly after a multiple car fire occurred on the upper level of an Assembly Row indoor parking garage where seven vehicles were destroyed by a fire. The fire also comes after many house fires have occurred in Somerville since the beginning of summer.

The fire also sparks the discussion of the serious need for a Somerville fire engine substation along with a heated ambulance station at Assembly Row for a rapid response to emergencies .

With over 7,500 hundred new residents residing at Assembly Row and multiple new buildings on the rise, safety should by a top priority and a plan should be set forth.

Recently Mayor Curtatone and the Somerville City Council approved a $5million purchase of the Armory that’s located on Highland Avenue for an arts center.

In my personal opinion as a resident of Somerville, I strongly believe that safety comes first and these issues should be placed on the table and addressed immediately.

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