Letter from the Editor:Top Comments on News Site on Broadway Bus/Bike Lane Disaster

Here are some interesting top comments on our news site regarding to Bus/Bike Lanes on Broadway:

Has anyone counted how many bikes use our roads daily? They made a whole bus/bike lane on Broadway and i rarely if ever see bikers using the lane. Bikes can only be used 75% of the time. Bikes aren’t adequate during winter months. Why are we wasting tax payer dollars for a mode of transportation that utilizes at most 5% of its current capacity?

Do they not know how Google maps works? If they slow down car traffic on College Ave and Holland street, Google maps is going to take people up and down side streets. Is that what they want.

You want to improve pedestrian safety? How about do what you’re taught in elementary school. Stop and look both ways before crossing. Don’t just jump in the crosswalk. They’re all a bunch of idiots.


Had to go pick up some paperwork at the Som Retirement Board on Broadway. The city took away 8 parking spots right in front for a bike lane. Whoever thought of this plan didn’t think it through. It’s the retirement board where our senior citizens go! The city should not only have parking spots right outside the door but also handicap spots for our seniors.

Ann Marie

Are businesses in this area in agreement that their patrons should just walk, bicycle or take public transportation to them??? It seems a little short sighted and niche-centric to exclude those whom take other forms of transportation (cars, trucks & motorcycles) from visiting and patronizing businesses in that area. The gutting of Somerville’s commerce community continues at the behest of change for the sake of change…


Ann Marie Fahey Harrington I got emails from them about that. I got over 2000 signatures to undo the damage. I spent many hours out there so I know there is hardly any biking. Any some of the bikers themselves thought it was stupid. This is the square peg in around hole thing. There are places this will work. Our city is too dense for these things. But our mobility department does not have anybody with the vision to see this. And we no one in ward four to speak up for the people.



My family and myself have seen many fender benders on this stretch of road since they put it in. Have some pictures. No one hears about them though. I pulled police records and just the reported ones that get through show it’s not working. Stop by and speak to the business owners. This is killing them. I don’t know how they can even keep the doors open. The city has to be very happy as my mobility issues keep me from going back up to that corner and visiting them. Notice the corner empty store? I met with people that wanted to rent it. One look at Broadway and that was it. And how did that dumb shared streets work out?


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