Save the date, more details to follow: Somerville Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center Walk for the Homeless

Save the date! Contact information below to participate, donate and/or sponsoring this event and walkers!

Somerville Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center Walk for the Homeless

Hosted by Marisa Tauro and the Tauro Family (Supporting Marisa’s commitment to ending homelessness)

(Marisa Tauro has taken stand on the many Homeless Veterans and Street Homeless Individuals in the City of Somerville. This is one of many steps that Marisa Tauro will be taking in the future!)

Date: August 8th 2021

Beginning at:10:00AM

Trum Field (541 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145)

and ending at:

A reception at the Winter Hill Yacht (500 Artisan Way, Somerville, MA 02145)12:00 Noon to 4:00PM for a celebration!

All proceeds will go to benefit the Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center of Somerville that’s located on North Street in Somerville.

For more information on this event or if you would like to participate, donate or become a sponsor please contact Theresa DiPietro at: (781)975-1306

Mission Statement:

Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center
At the Massachusetts Bay Veterans Center (MBVC), veterans are welcomed home.
At MBVC, veterans find themselves in a safe, clean, and compassionate environment where they can make connections to employment opportunities, long-term independent housing, substance abuse counseling, and mental health care.
Many veterans arrive after being homeless for years, empty-handed, seeking a safe place to learn how to cope with addiction or mental illness. It’s a community where veterans have the time and resources to take care of themselves, create relationships with one another, and get the support they need to rebuild their independence.
Located in Somerville, MBVC provides 22 transitional and 7 permanent units of housing to formerly homeless veterans.
Services include:
* Transitional and Permanent Housing Options

* Case Management Services
* Housing Assistance
* Employment Assistance
* Mental Health Services
* Community Reintegration
* Individual and Group Counseling
* Life Skills Training
* Linkage to VA Resources

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