Somerville Social Services Failed the Temple Street Fire Victims Miserably This Past Friday

By William Tauro

Channel 7 just reported the fire. The report said “Somerville brought in services to help the victims.”
This is so far from the truth and absolutely sickening and I could not disagree more! Somerville failed the victims miserably in this fire.

It’s the lack of response from city officials demanding a change in policies regarding this specific situation and an implementation of future programs that will address this in an expedited manner not because someone decided to go away for the weekend and not answer the telephone.

And I did not witness any elected officials nor other candidates running for office at the fire whatsoever other than Ward 4 City Council Jesse Clingan and myself.

I myself witnessed health and human resource office and Doug Kress walking around with a vest and a clipboard interviewing people but later that day two hours after one of the victims was sitting on the curb and assembly Row in tears frustrated that he had have nowhere to go and that he received no help from the city whatsoever.

A pedestrian overheard his conversation as he was speaking on the cell phone crying on the curb and he called me and brought it to my attention. I remember seeing this person at the fire scene and I assumed that Doug Kress was doing his job and taking care of business for the city but, instead he actually dropped the ball on it after talking to the victim and simply walked away and left the victim on his own.

After receiving this call, I immediately put the victim in touch with one of my staffers who is as we speak assisting the victim and receiving immediate emergency housing options. The victims employer also stepped up to the plate as well and put the victims up in a hotel for seven days.

My team also put together multiple donations of clothing and other needed home goods and supplies to help them get by until his housing requirements are provided and their situation improves.

This story is still developing…

Somerville residents deserve better! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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