Letter from the Editor:Cowards Lurking Amongst Us In Somerville

By William Tauro

This is a home that’s located on Electric Avenue in Somerville which has four American flags, two USMC flags, a Saint Anthony’s statue and a William “Billy” Tauro campaign sign in front being proudly displayed.

The home belongs to a Somerville Veteran and his family who have resided there for many years, life long residents. A family of true Americans for sure exercising their rights of freedom of speech to express their opinions and support who they want to support.
We find it highly appalling and absolutely disgraceful that my cowardly opponents would have their supporters out and about encouraging them via a Facebook site driven by hate distributing messages by rubbing dog-shit all along his signs as a message of hate just because they don’t agree and lineup with their similar political views. Is this really what’s Somerville has become? Have we turned into a society of hate and self-destruction? Only cowards do stuff like this! We have the freedom to choose and they just can’t accept it! We are better than this! Thank you again to this American Veteran and his family for cleaning off the sign, not being intimidated by cowards and still proudly displaying it as American Citizens!

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