Top Official Somerville Mayoral Candidate Mary Cassesso Resigns From Cambridge Health Alliance In Somerville Amongst Alleged Corruption Affiliation

By William Tauro

You would think that Joe Curtatone would’ve double checked and realized that Mary’s husband Peter Miller takes up a full chapter in my book “Stealing Somerville” before he threw her into the race to try to split my votes? You just can’t make this stuff up! Remember in November!

A new development of a recent candidate entering into the Mayors race is identified as candidate for mayor Mary Cassesso.

As allegations of her getting caught up into illegal dealings with her husband, developer Peter Miller began to surface, coworkers of Cassesso had expressed concerns to promote an investigation. After some innocent inquiries were made, it was discovered that her regular job had been digging deeply into other situations and accusations that were unfavorable to her future in the position that she currently held at the Cambridge Health Alliance. From direct statements of coworkers of “alleged abuse and extreme actions” with patients and fellow coworkers led to the unofficial investigation facing dismissal.

Before findings could be completed and a decision could be executed, Cassesso chose the resignation of her position immediately to avoid any further embarrassing statements. When we pursued a quote direct from Cassesso herself we were handed a statement from yet another source seeking information that Cassesso resigned from her position stating she was running for Mayor of Somerville.

Cassesso also faces other challenges where stated in a recent letter her intent to run for mayor, she could be pushed out because she didn’t give proper notice to CHA as required by the hospital. Cassesso leaves CHA June.

A longtime former coworker of Cassesso stated in a phone interview that “In this day and age with high paying jobs becoming scarce, it seems very suspicious that she choose this particular timeframe to simply quit instead of taking a leave of absence or budget her time between. Is it possible that the allegations may have had merit and this was the easy way out?”

Mary Cassesso is married to Peter Miller. Peter Miller is a developer who is accused of assisting alleged silent partners Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, former Somerville Department of Public Works employee Ron Bonney and Attorney/Former Somerville Alderman Sean O’donovan in multiple alleged developent schemes accused of extorting several Somerville properties into eminent domain status including the Somerville Ball Square Bowling Alley for their own personal gain.
Cassesso’s husband Peter Miller has federal charges sought against him by several Somerville property owners. Miller is also named as a developer who is ready to purchase the current Station once a new public safety building/Somerville Police Station is constructed.

We will keep an eye out on this story as it develops. If anyone would like to contact us and additional provide information regarding this issue with a statement please do so directly.

This story is still developing…

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